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LENZE Gearing
GST-Inline Helical
GFL Shaft- Mounted Helical
GSS-Helical Worm
LENZE Electronics
9300 Servo Inverters
9300 Vector Frequency Inverters
8200 Vector Inverters
ECS Servo Inverters
8400 Inverters
LENZE Servo Motors
L-force MQA
MCS L-force
MCA L-force
LENZE Mechanical Variable Speed
Disco/Belt Drive
LENZE Electronics
For advanced control technology in the field of industrial automation, look no further than the Lenze family of drives. Our products are carefully coordinated and matched and can be combined as required to provide the right solution for your needs. Whether your needs are a basic frequency inverter for speed control or the most sophisticated multi axis servo drives, Lenze has the solution for your application.
9300 Servo
9300 Servo Inverter
9300 Vector
9300 Vector Inverters
8200 Vector
8200 Vector Inverters
ECS Servo Inverter
ECS Servo Inverter
8400 Inverters
8400 Inverters
Lenze AC Tech
Lenze drives and automation technologies are used in a wide variety of industries, for example in materials handling technology, in the packaging industry, the industrial handling sector, the robotics sector and in automotive construction. Based in Aerzen, Germany with offices in more than 60 countries, in addition to a robust distributor network, Lenze offers world class support wherever you are located. Our services include consultation, engineering, commissioning, plant construction and field service.

Lenze drives incorporate the newest technologies such as safety interlock functionality including “safe torque off” or “safely limited speed” and well as safety bus systems. Communication protocols available from Lenze include Can, Profibus, Interbus, AS-Interface, Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profinet amongst others. The Lenze drives family includes the following types; 9300 Vector, 9300 Servo, 8400 BaseLine, 8400 StateLine, 8400 HighLine, 8400 TopLine, Motec, 9400 HighLine Servo Drives & E82 Vector series.

The Lenze product range includes frequency inverters, servo drives, motors, clutches and brakes, connection technology and automation solutions, including controllers, industrial PCs, engineering software, visualization, communication and I/O systems
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