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Lenze 9300 Vector Frequency Inverters

The Lenze 9300 vector range of vector-controlled frequency inverters is also ideal for complex applications such as those found in dosing, filling and feeder systems as well as on winding drives. Function blocks that can be connected in accordance with user requirements enable the inverter to behave like a PLC and take over open-loop and closed-loop control functions, in addition to managing the actual drive task. This relieves the burden on and, in some cases even the need for, higher-level controllers.
Lenze 9300 Vector Inverter
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EVF9321-EV EVF9336-EV EVF9321-EVV004 EVF9321-CVV003 E82ZBBXC EMF2177IB
EVF9322-EV EVF9337-EV EVF9322-EVV004 EVF9322-CVV003 EMZ9371BC EMF2178IB
EVF9323-EV EVF9338-EV EVF9323-EVV004 EVF9323-CVV003 EMZ9372BB EMF2179IB
EVF9324-EV EVF9381-EV EVF9324-EVV004 EVF9324-CVV003 EMF2102IBCV001 EMF2181IB
EVF9325-EV EVF9382-EV EVF9325-EVV004 EVF9325-CVV003 EMF2102IBCV002 EMF2180IB
EVF9326-EV EVF9383-EV EVF9326-EVV004 EVF9326-CVV003 EMF2102IBCV003 EWL0020
EVF9327-EV EVF9335-EVV210 EVF9327-EVV004 EVF9327-CVV003 EMF2102IBCV004 EWL0021
EVF9328-EV EVF9336-EVV210 EVF9328-EVV004 EVF9328-CVV003 EMF2113IB EMF2125IB
EVF9329-EV EVF9337-EVV210 EVF9329-EVV004   EMF2133IB EMF2126IB
EVF9330-EV EVF9338-EVV210 EVF9330-EVV004   EMF2173IB E82ZWL025
EVF9331-EV EVF9381-EVV210 EVF9331-EVV004   EMF2173IB-V002 E82ZWL050
EVF9332-EV EVF9382-EVV210 EVF9332-EVV004   EMF2173IB-V003 E82ZWL100
EVF9333-EV EVF9383-EVV210 EVF9333-EVV004      
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