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Lenze 8200 Vector Inverters

The modular range of Lenze 8200 vector frequency inverters in the power range from 0.25 to 90 kW provides a complete and consistent solution with everything you need to facilitate operation, handling, diagnostics and communication. Pluggable function modules can be used to integrate the 8200 vector into the control and automation world of your machine or plant.
Lenze 8200 Vector Inverters
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   8200 Vector Inverter
8200 Vector Inverter
Standard Design Cold-Plate Technique Push-Through Technique Accessories Accessories Accessories
 E82EV551K4C E82CV551K4C E82DV551K4C E82ZAFSC001 E82ZAFVC010 ERBM082R150W
 E82EV751K4C E82CV751K4C E82DV751K4C E82ZAFSC100 E82ZAFIC010 ERBM370R150W
 E82EV152K4C E82CV152K4C E82DV152K4C E82ZAFAC001 E82ZAFPC010 ERBD180R300W
 E82EV222K4C E82CV222K4C E82DV222K4C E82ZAFCC001 E82ZAFPC201 ERBD068R800W
E82EV302K4C E82CV302K4C E82DV302K4C E82ZAFCC201 E82ZAFLC010 ERBD047R01K2
E82EV402K4C E82CV402K4C E82DV402K4C E82ZAFIC001 E82ZAFFC010 ERBD033R02K0
E82EV552K4C E82CV552K4C E82DV552K4C E82ZAFPC001 ELN1-0900H005 E82ZM37132B002
E82EV752K4C E82CV752K4C E82DV752K4C E82ZAFLC001 ELN1-0500H009 E82ZM75134B004
E82EV113K4C E82CV113K4C E82DV113K4C EMF2113IB ELN1-0250H018 E82ZM75134B005
E82EV153K4B302 E82CV251K2C E82DV251K2C EMF2133IB ELN3-0120H017 E82ZM22234B004
E82EV223K4B302 E82CV371K2C E82DV371K2C EMF2175IB ELN3-0120H025 E82ZM22234B005
E82EV303K4B302 E82CV551K2C E82DV551K2C EMF2178IB ELN3-0150H024 E82ZM22234B020
E82EV453K4B302 E82CV751K2C E82DV751K2C EMF2179IB ELN3A1500H003 E82ZM11334B004
E82EV553K4B302 E82CV152K2C E82DV152K2C EMF2192IB EZN3A0500H007 E82ZM11334B005
E82EV753K4B302 E82CV222K2C E82DV222K2C EMF2191IB EZN3A0300H013 EZS3-010A200
 E82EV903K4B302 E82CV302K2C E82DV302K2C EMF2181IB ELN3-1500H003-001 EZS3-024A200
E82EV251K2C E82CV402K2C E82DV402K2C EMF2180IB ELN3-0680H006-001 EZS3-048A200
E82EV371K2C E82CV552K2C E82DV552K2C E82ZBB ELN3-0500H007-001 EZS3-115A200
E82EV551K2C E82CV752K2C E82DV752K2C E82ZBBXC ELN3-0250H013-001 EZS3-180A200
E82EV751K2C     E82ZBC ELN3-0170H017-001 E82ZJ002
E82EV152K2C Installation, Safe Standstill Panel Mounting Unit EMZ9371BC ELN3-0150H024-001 E82ZJ001
E82EV222K2C E82EV302K4C040 E82EV153K4B303 E82ZWL025 E82ZL75132B E82ZJ005
E82EV302K2C E82EV402K4C040 E82EV223K4B303 E82ZWL050 E82ZL22232B E82ZJ006
E82EV402K2C E82EV552K4C040 E82EV453K4B303 E82ZWL100 E82ZL22234B E82ZWEM1
E82EV552K2C E82EV752K4C040 E82EV753K4B303 E82ZJ011 E82ZM22232B E82ZWEM2
E82EV752K2C E82EV113K4C040   EWL0020 E82ZM75234B E82ZWEM3
      E82ZAFSC010 E82ZM75134B E82ZPE1
      E82ZAFAC010 E82ZM11334B E82ZPE2
       E82ZAFCC010 E82ZM40234B ELM3-004H055
E82ZAFCC100 ERBM470R020W EMB9352-E
      E82ZAFCC210 ERBM470R100W EMB9351-E
      E82ZAFUC010 ERBM200R100W EZZ0017
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